Artiphile may be contracted to provide a basic collections management program and/or address specific collections management problems on a project basis. Proposals are tailored to the needs of each client; no collection is too big or too small. An Artiphile collections management program may include:

  • Complete inventory at all locations

  • Registration

  • Cataloguing

  • Database creation and maintenance

  • Photo-documentation

  • Review, collate and digitize all paper records

  • Logistics and installations

  • Environmental protections

  • Pre-purchase due diligence

  • Prioritize conservation & framing needs

  • Loan administration and courier services

  • Discrepancies between physical inventory and paper records researched and reconciled

  • Create object files and digital archives of documents and photographs

  • Full condition survey with dated baseline condition reports & maintenance plan

  • Design custom catalogue books, reports, & websites

  • Liaise with your lawyers, accountants, advisors, and family offices as needed. 

  • Source and vet proposals for conservation treatments, framing, shipping and storage, appraisals & insurance, as well as art financial advisors, and specialty practitioners of art financing, art law and much more…


Artiphile can liaise with lawyers, wealth managers, financial advisors, appraisers, and other fiduciaries regarding succession planning, philanthropy, gifts, trust, sale, etc. 

Both Maura and Sara are available to give presentations on the topic of care and management for art collections.